so i found the ohshc manga online and i skipped to the extras at the end and found the one where tamaki and haruhi are being all domestic and coupley and ajghjkls;’dhfkl’;s;hlafjdk’ tamaharu is probably gonna become otp status for me once i finish the manga

i’m a heap of emotions over here



Quick Spring Sketch of Haruhi!


Quick Spring Sketch of Haruhi!

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Before I go to bed-

It’s almost 2:30am on February 8th. Tis amazing that I’m still awake at this time since I’m normally sound asleep or waking up for the baking shift at 3am. It’s what I get for falling in love with Masen, hm? ;D The willingness and want to be up a lot more than usual.

Yis— I do love him. While I know we’ve only known each other for about a year while never being in the same room together - let alone the fact that I’ve never even heard his voice, I still do love him. It’s crazy, I imagine, to an outsider.

Anyhow- wanted to mention that as it’s always a marvelous feeling to announce what ones’ heart/mind is feeling/expressing at any given time.

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[3/15] couples - “But I’m sorry. I have no intention of leaving you, ever. Let’s go together.” 

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these are my kittens, yes they meow weird, but they are mine. i found them all on my own. they are my ohana. back the fuck off camera.

are you fucking kidding me

#forcibly cuddles babies to stomach

are we not gonna talk about how she flashes her claws when they get to fucking close to her duckens?

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